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Good Vs. Evil

Some say that “good” is anything done out of love, and “evil” is anything done out of hate, but “love” and “hate” are so closely related in so many ways. Both love and hate are obsessive fixations on one thing, whether it is a person, place, or thing. But Good and evil are a matter of perspective. This essay will thoroughly delve into these ideas of good and evil.
What justifies Good? Dictionary.com defines “Good” as having moral excellence, being virtuous, or righteous. It has often been said that “good” is anything that helps others or yourself and “evil” is anything that harms others or yourself. This perspective does not take into account that every act harms something, and likewise helps something. Nothing can eat without killing, nothing can be built without breaking something else, and no motion is possible without displacing something from its natural place.
In that cases what is Good? Most common uses of the word define “good” as being more positive than damaging, although we should not tie ourselves to the language usage of this word, any more than we would with any other. Is “Good” what is helpful? It can’t be, people who are doing the things that can help them mainly do it to help themselves then, in some cases, do “Bad Things” to others. Is “Good” what is more helpful for Life? This can’t be either, because to help something you must destroy something else.
Is it possible that what we call “Good” is nothing more than what pleases us? Nothing more than what makes us feel good about ourselves? This is the only reasonable answer remaining, that what we define as “Good” is nothing more than a pleasant feeling we give ourselves as a gift for fulfilling our personal preferences. Whether it’s giving money to a good cause or dealing with an “Evil” person. So is it okay to say that “Good” is good. In that case, what is “Evil?”
What justifies Evil? Dictionry.com defines “Evil” as morally wrong, bad, or wicked. True Evil is always pleasant to us, any evil, which could be recognized as evil, fails to successfully bypass our normal moral standards. True Evil is always innocent, discreet and perhaps even ordinary. Every day, millions of people commit Evil acts, all while feeling completely relaxed with their decision, as long as they don’t bother to study their motives. When they to do that, they realize that they betrayed their own morals willingly and deliberately, choosing to continue with the decisions or actions they have made is their choice entirely. “Evil”, as “the opposite of Good”, would not be defined as something that displeases us by our own moral standards. “Evil” would be still making our “Evil” decisions without any regard to our ambitions and morals.
What happens if you ask both a good and evil person, are you a Good person? Who do you think will answer, “I’m Good”?
We all try to be good in the way we see fit, but doing this can be extremely difficult at some times. This challenge to do well, or good, is derived from two sides in every one of us. One side that wants to do the right thing in everything we do. Wanting to give money to a charity, volunteer for community service, or help/give without expecting anything in return.
A good person’s answer could be difficult to determine. Suppose this person tries to do good all the time and still feels as if they are not good inside. This person may find it easier to do good things than evil things, depending on what this person’s perspective is on good and evil things is what they deem as good. This person can choose to do certain good things more than other good things.
Most of us try not to be evil, though others are not very good at trying. Some people find it easier to do evil things rather good things. This is from the lack of willingness to do good or, perhaps, just not wanting to. This side would probably be selfish with many things. Like money, attention, or even time. Maybe they are being rude in some way; sometimes the most evil people are the hardest to spot.
An evil person could answer with “I’m good” if they truly believe the evil deeds, or motives they are thinking, or doing IS good, then they could answer with that. Though if they are not deluded by the evil things they are doing they could also answer to the contrary. Knowing their evil deeds, motives, and actions ARE wrong and still committing these things is the true evil.

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I think of you often and make no outward show, but what it means to lose you; no one will ever know. You are not forgotten nor will you ever be. To some you may be forgotten, to others a part of the past. To me who loves you dearly, our memories will always last. I know you are someone special, god must have known so too. now that i say this and know this to be true, i hope you think of me often, because always think of you.